Sunyo plastic film and sheet for printing

What is plastic film for printing

With the improvement of People’s Daily life quality, products reprocessed after printing can be seen everywhere in society. For example, there are printed pictures or words on packaging bags, books, stickers and even clothes. It seems that we can no longer live without printing. Therefore,SUNYOPLASTICS would also like to introduce some of our printable plastic film and sheet.

The Printing for plastic film and sheet can be divided into UV printing (offset printing), screen printing, inkjet printing. These printed sheets are usually made into various cards, ID cards, book covers, product labels,stationery, billboards,etc,so they are in great demand all over the world. Next, we would like to introduce SUNYOPLASTICS plastic films and sheets for printing to you in more detail.


SUNYOPLASTICS sheets can be used for printing in various materials,such as APET,PVC,PP,PS,PETG,GAG, etc. We coated the surface of the plastic printing sheets, so it can be printed directly by the printer. SUNYOPLASTICS printing sheets have passed REACH, ROHS and FDA tests, the quality is guaranteed. It is printable,foldable and eco-friendly. Color and size are available for customization. In addition, we also sell transparent overlay with glue.

Sunyo transparent plastic sheet
Sunyo transparent plastic sheet
Sunyo Matte Plastic sheet
Sunyo Matte Plastic sheet


SUNYOPLASTICS ‘PVC,APET,PP,PS,PETG,GAG sheets are all available for UV printing. These sheets for UV printing or offset printing need corona treatment, thickness range from 0.15-0.8 mm, and its appearance is perfect,the surface are smooth and clean, no obvious mechanical impurities and unevenness after sparking and then perforating the sheet’s surface, it dries quickly, and is very easy to ink. In addition, an electrostatic film needs to be attached, both single-sided and double-sided are optional. Its commonly used in life : postcards, business cards, placard,color customized brands,face visor,and so on.

Sunyo plastic film for UV printing
Face shield produced by UV printing
Face shield produced by UV printing


SUNYOPLASTICS ‘PVC,APET,PP,PS,PETG,GAG sheets are also all available for screen printing. In general, the color of screen printing on Plastic Sheets will be more intense than that of UV printing on Plastic Sheets. The commonly used thickness range is between 0.1-2.0 mm. In addition, you can also choose to cover single-sided or double-sided anti-static protective film. At the same time, we can also produce and print the sheets according to customers’ requirements and designs. SUNYOPLASTICS ‘various printing sheets will make your printing work more smooth and perfect.

Screen printing application
screen printing


The plastic sheets for inkjet printing, SUNYOPLASTICS mainly selects PVC and PETG materials. SUNYOPLASTICS inkjet printing sheet is suitable for various inkjet printers (such as Epson, Hp, Canon, Lexmark), etc. Commonly used thickness: 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm, 0.3 mm,and It is printable and foldable. The color inkjet printer prints the graphics and text on the 0.30 mm thick plastic sheet base for card making, and then the printing base and the lamination overlay with glue are laminated together by a laminator. So when we coated the surface of the PVC or PETG sheets, so it can be printed directly by the printer.

SUNYOPLASTICS inkjet printing sheets are usually made into various cards, these cards can be made into squares, circles and any other irregular shapes. In addition, we also sell transparent overlay with glue(0.08mm, 0.1mm),the purpose is to offers a variety of printing options. It is also a hot selling PVC sheet in printing market. SUNYOPLASTICS inkject PVC,PETG sheets are widely used within the filed of VIP cards Campus Card, ID Keychain, Parking Card etc.

More advantages of Sunyo 

SUNYOPLASTIC plastic sheets used in printing can also do various performance improvements, such as anti-scratch treatment, the effect can reach 2H level.

Permanent anti-static treatment, such treated printing sheet can be perfectly fitted with electronic products, reducing unnecessary losses.

SUNYOPLASTICS eco-friendly plastic printing sheet can also be used for conductive treatment for cards. After the plastic surface is conductive, it can be used for anti-static, electromagnetic shielding and decorative, protective and functional electroplating of plastic products. The resistance of 10 cubic to the 5th power of 10, usually black printing sheets are used more in life.

Are you still worried about failing to find the suitable plastic printing sheets? SUNYOPLASTICS offers you many more excellent options. Whether it is for UV printing, screen printing or inkjet printing, SUNYOPLASTICS always has a material for you !

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