Plastic PET Film and Sheet

With over 20 years, SUNYO has become a professional leading maker in manufacturing rigid polyester (PET) film in rolls and sheets, in southeast China. Our ten production lines ensure timely delivery and high quality. Our rigid PET film is spot, water-mark free. SUNYON PET film has good flexibility and impact resistance, with wide size ranges and custom size cutting service. In-house manufacturing allows us a full control of the consistence in production quality. Flexible MOQ and color customization service enable our customers a better choice.

Customized PET film/ sheet is SUNYO core product. We have great competitive advantage in cost and quality. Our custom Rigid PET products are exported to many countries.

The thickness range of pet film/ sheet that SUNYO can produce is 0.015-3.0mm. The width range is between 100mm and1500mm. Color can be Transparent, translucent, opaque or customized in accordance with International Pantone card.

SUNYO produces smooth and flat PET sheet and film, without bubbles and perforations. Heat distortion temperature of PET Sheet is 60 degrees.Tensile strength reaches 61MPa in the longitudinal direction and 61.7MPa in the transverse direction. And the limit deviation of the thickness is only -2.9% to 0%. SUNYO PET sheet and roll can be do special treatment. Our PET film and sheet can have special feature functions, like metalized, anti-UV, waterproof, anti-scratch, cold resistance and anti-fog, anti-frosted, conductive, and double-sided matte. Hardness reach 2H level.

FormSheet and roll 
COLORTransparent , or customized
MaterialGrade A Virgin grade
PET sheet film rolls
PET sheet film rolls

Features of SUNYO PET plastic films and sheet

  • no spots, or water marks
  • non-toxic, non-hazardous
  • great crystallization effect

  • Good impact strength
  • Strong flexibility
  • Good electrical insulation

What is PET film / sheet?

Many people can see the words “PET sheet/ Roll” widely appeared on blister packaging boxes, printing cards, and decorative films. PET is polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as polyester resin. It is the most important type in thermoplastic polyester family.

PET film and sheet is outstanding in dimensional stability, mechanical strength and resistance to crack. It is resistant to chemicals. It has very low moisture absorption and is a good electrical insulator. 

Since 1980s, there have made great breaking in PET film/ sheet engineering plastic development. Nucleating agent and crystallization promoter have been developed. PET , together with PBT, as thermoplastic polyester, become one of the five engineering plastics. It is widely used in packaging industry, electronic appliances, medical and health, construction, automotive and other field. Packaging is the largest market application of polyester. Modern life can not live with out PEF material.

PET film/ sheets can be processed by thermoforming, printing, folding, die cutting, laminating and so on. The finished product surface is smooth or matte, with no spots, and no water lines. Appropriate amount of plasticizer can be added, to make a variety of rigidness,transparency sheet and film.

SUNYO PET film/ sheet characteristics 

The PET SUNYO produces is rigid PET, no spots, no water marks, non-toxic and odorless. It has good crystallization effect, good impact strength, strong flexibility, and good electrical insulation. It is non-fireproof and flammable. It is one of the most environmentally friendly engineering plastic types. In addition, it can provide remarkable resistance to many chemicals or acid. Its colorful appearance have quite a long service life.

What is the production process of PET film/sheet?

Single-screw extrusion vs twin-screw extrusion

PET film/ sheet is mainly manufactured through extrusion casting. There are two types: traditional single-screw extrusion and twin-screw extrusion. The main difference is that the single-spiral process draws the raw material into the crystallizer and crystallize.

After crystallization, the same place is: pull in the drying tank and fully dry- Extrusion from the extruder- Tape casting- Coiling and packing

The beautiful PET film/ sheet for furniture is manufactured through traditional single-screw machine process.

Biaxial stretching and uniaxial stretching

Most importantly, there are two other different processing methods: biaxial stretching and uniaxial stretching.

Biaxially stretched PET film /sheet is called OPET. It is very thin and can withstand high temperatures of 100-120 degrees. Its thickness ranges from 15 microns to 250 microns, and less than 100 microns. This thickness OPET film is often used for electronic switches. Film of 120-250 microns, are mostly used for electronic gaskets.

A typical uniaxially stretched PET material is called APET film /sheet, which is also most demanded. Its has good crystal quality and appearance. APET film/ sheet, less than 1000 microns, is mostly used for blistering, printing, and folding boxes. Those, 800-3000 micron, are mostly used in furniture decorative panels, billboards, barrier panels, and construction industry.

Applications of PET film/ sheet

There are a variety of colors available and also color customization is convenient. More and more industries and products make use of PET film / sheet as protection and decoration material. Let’s make exploration.

1. PET FILM/SHEET FOR FOLDING BOX (high clear, water-proof, printable)

PET sheet film for folding box
PET sheet film for folding box

PET plastic films and sheets are excellent material to fold boxes or packages for retailing food, toys, gifts and some cosmetics products. SUNYO pet film is wrapped with anti-statics film and has good scratch proofing ability. Printable, they have good adhesion to many type of painting material. Choose SUNYO PET packaging folding film, to get an beyond imagination solution to your projects.  

2. PET FILM/SHEET FOR PRINTING ( high strength, light weighted, fire resistant)

PET sheet film for printing
PET sheet film for printing

SUNYO PET film is flexible, has excellent smooth surface, suitable both for UV printing and screen printing. PET film with thickness between 0.15 to 0.8mm fits to UV printing, while those with thickness 0.15-2.0mm fits to screen printing. SUNYO PET film is of great quality which can meet international standard. It has no bubbles, defects, and has good adhesion to various types of painting inks. It is a excellent material, for printing name card, logos and so on.

3. PET FILM/SHEET FOR THERMOFORMING (formable, dimensional stability, great chemical resistant)

PET sheet film rolls for thermoforming

SUNYO PET films are best material choice for blister packaging. They can be easily used to make food containers, trays, cups, lids, packages for electronics, gifts, through vacuum forming tech. We have tech to do special treatment to PET film material, increase its resistance to low temperature. This is very good for plastic food trays, which are stored in refrigerators and freezers. They can endure temperature between 0 and minus 8 degrees. 

4. PET FILM/SHEET FOR DECORATIVE PANEL (high definition, bendable)

PET film laminated decorative panel, can be common seen on furniture or decorative wall panel, in hospital, offices, and living rooms. These panels are moisture-proof, high-impact resistant, high gloss and of great hardness. Regular size of PET used for decorative panels is 1220*2440mm, with 0.3-3.0mm thickness. They are easy to cut, no edge cracking during processing. Anti-scratch treatment options are available.  


PET sheet is a good choice when cutting social distancing single panel or room dividers. They are clear and water-proof. It is quite necessary to set up transparent plastic dividers in public places, such as restaurant, hospital, banks, offices. We extruded required thickness sheet, and offer custom size cutting.

6.ANTI FOG PET SHEET FOR face shield protection (Anti-fog, physical stability)

PET film is highly transparent. We can make special treatment for sheets, which can be anti-fog on both sides. SUNYO pet film have uniform thickness, smooth surface, and bright surface luminance. For face shield cover, it is of great importance that the sheet has anti-fog functions. When wearing the shield on face, if breathe, the humidity will cover over the mask. Anti-fog sheet film and easily drive away the moisture. 

As a leader of producing PET film in China, SUNYO Plastics will serve you with excellent quality products with profound professionalism.