SUNYO Anti-scratches Plastic PVC Sheet

SUNYO Anti-scratches PVC Sheet is a tough, with high hardness coating, Polyvinyl Chloride film. It features scratch-proofing surface. Excellent panel surface decorative material for cabinet and other furniture.

Features of Anti-scratches Plastic PVC Sheet

  • Great surface toughness
  • Scratches protection
  • Excellent mechanical properties

Technical Data Sheet

ItemPropertyUnitValueTest Method
Width mm200-1300
Thickness mm0.05-1.2
Thickness Tolerance %+/-5ASTM D374
Density g/cm31.35+/-0.02ASTM D1505
Tensile StrengthMDMPA=55ASTM D882
Tensile StrengthTDMPA=140ASTM D882
ElongationMD%=240ASTM D882
ElongationTD%=80ASTM D882
Heat ShrinkageMD%58+/-2Into water at 100℃, 30sec
Heat ShrinkageTD%=5Into water at 100℃, 30sec
Heating Sealing Strength N/15mm9.03ASTM F2029
Friction Coefficient =0.5ASTM D1894E
Water Vapor Transmission g/(m2,24h)=2.5ASTM E96E96M
Falling Ball Impact Brittle RateMD =40ASTM D256
Falling Ball Impact Brittle RateTD =40ASTM D256
Viny Chloride Monomer %<0.0001ASTM D3680