Anti-static PET Sheet and Film

Coating a layer of anti-static liquid on the surface of PET sheet make the anti-static index reach 10^6-10^10Ω. According to anti-static effect, anti-static PET Sheet can be divided into two types: one is ordinary, the other one is permanent. The anti-static index of ordinary anti-static PET Film roll can only reach index 10^7-10^10Ω in a room with constant temperature and humidity. If testing in condition with dry air or an air-conditioned room, the anti-static value will be over 10^10Ω.

The other one is permanent anti-static PET film, which has anti-static index between 10^6-10^9Ω under any conditions. The permanent static resistance PET film roll is used to make blister tray for packaging electronic products. 

ColorClear and colorful
CertificationGRS ISO9001, REACH, ROHS, FDA, EN71
Tensile strength61MPa (longitudinal direction)
 61.7MPa (transverse direction)
limit deviation of the thickness-2.9% to 0%
Anti static index10^6-10^10Ω
Anti-static PET Sheet and Film
Anti-static PET Sheet and Film