3D decoration wall panel

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PVC film for interior & outdoor 3D Decoration wall panel

PVC plastic sheets can be thermorformed into various types and designs of 3D walls. This has gained great popularity among young generations. 3D Wall Panels offer an exciting range of textured wall panels, for feature walls and other decorative vertical surfaces, which are used in commercial and residential projects. PVC plastic 3D wall panels features huge impact-resistant, presenting a fantastic views for space, while rather at a relatively low cost. SUNYO offers more than 70 designs, to match your decorations.

Why Choose PVC plastic 3D walls panels

3D wall panels are exciting and fashionable decorative products nowadays. It leads a new revolution for modern wall decoration method, both suitable for interior and exterior decoration. If you have ugly, stubborn problematic wall, ceiling or any surfaces, they are great solutions for covering. There stylish and elegant designed, suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV background, feature walls and ceiling in house decoration. They are also good choices for company logo wall, meeting room, lobby backdrop, reception desk, front function room office, restaurant, cafes, cinema and night clubs decoration.

Besides creating a stunning visual effect for walls, PVC 3D wall panels can also be crafted into furniture designs, such as cabinet doors, bed headboard, bedroom wardrobe and kitchen cabinet.

SUNYOPLAS 3D plastic wall panel

Environmentally friendly and easy to install, SUNYOPLAS 3D wall panel take great advantages over wood wall solutions. Installation is easy and straightforward. They can be overlayed on existing walls or ceiling. They require minimum maintenance work, as they are excellent resistant to water, UV, stains, and dust.

SUNYOPLAS 3D Wall Panel Series has been greatly praised by our customers to decorate retail boutiques, commercial offices and residential homes. Choose from our abundant options of designs.

Description and key points:

  • Panel size: 500x500mm
  • Packaging: 12 pcs per pack = 3 square meters, or 40 pcs per carton = 10 square meters
  • SUNYOPLAS 3D PVC panels are super strong and lightweight
  • Easy installation and paintable
  • Install with nail free glue, strong grab adhesive or quality double sided 3M sticky pads
  • Make sure the wall panel is flat and smooth before installation
  • Made of high quality eco-friendly PVC
  • Fireproof & waterproof, mould-proof & moisture-proof, anti-UV & moth-proof
  • For both interior and exterior use
  • Smooth white or colored satin finish, with sharp detail of design and edge
  • Less crushable than plant fiber wall panels
  • Different from bamboo plant fiber or polystyrene 3D wall panels

Features of SUNYOPLAS 3D plastic wall panel

1.70+ designs options for your interior design ideas

If you wish a unique and fantastic wall decorations style, talk to SUNYO. More than 70 designs, in varying thickness, can give your new inspirations for the bar fronts, bed heads, or cabinet doors. Our PVC panel wall series all you to create distinctive and matchless wall décor and furniture. We can also do customization, based on your own designs and drawings.

2.Both for Indoor and outdoor decors

SUNYOPLAS 3D wall panels are widely used indoor and outdoor, commercial and residential. Our panels are waterproof, which can be installed in alfresco areas, around pools and as garden screens.

3.Easy to install and cost effective

Plastic 3D Wall Panels can upgrade an average decoration into a spectacular one instantly. You don’t need to buy expensive art and furniture.

4.Multi-function- from walls to furniture

PVC plastic 3D Wall Panels can be crafted into furniture such as doors units and small cabinets. Every part of the room spaces can be decorated with panels, TV background decoration, bedroom, living room, dining room, even the ceiling.

3D wall panels vacuum formed with PVC plastic sheets, add great fun and reduce labor for home decorations. With so many designs options, it would be the fastest way of making a new room looking.

What we fight for?

SUNYOPLAS 3D WALL PANELS is more than a brand but an idea, a concept. SUNYOPLAS fully explore the potential of material, can create the uniqueness. Driven by perfection and creativity, we inspire the designers to create a charming space, everyone wish to stay longer time. We bridge the designers and builders, to bring plastic PVC sheet material in to multi-functions.

PVC 3D decoration panel Installation Tips:

① Tools required: pencil, tape measure, spirit level, sharp blade and or strong scissors, fine tooth hacksaw blade, construction glue, glue cartridge gun, work bench, safety wear, painting equipment.

② Make sure your walls are smooth, clean and even.

③ Cover floors with dust sheet.

④ Measure wall and mark the center, mark with a vertical line.

⑤ Apply adhesive to all the flat areas on the panel back.

⑥ Apply panel to the wall and press evenly to fix.

⑦ Clean any extra glue from the wall.

⑧ Cut panels to fit the ceiling and wall edges; sand the cuts with 400 grade sandpaper.

⑨ Full edges to ceiling and walls with flexible decorators caulk.

⑩ Paint with suitable wall paint. Plug sockets and light switches can be brought forward from the wall with the addition to an extension collar.

WHY Choose SUNYOPLAS 3D wall panel?

Factory DirectNo retailer, no wholesaler, no exclusive agent or trading company. Our products goes directly to consumer in very competitive price.

Worldwide DeliveryWe have established good partnership with shipping and express companies to deliver our panels globally.

Quality GuaranteeWe specialize in developing state of art wall panels. We pay attention to every detail in production. All products are 100% quality guarantee.

Fast DeliveryWe have stock for most of the items. And we have designed a very efficient working procedure to get your order fast delivered.

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