High Quality SUNYO PSPlastic Film in Roll or Sheet

What kinds of PS film does SUNYO manufacture?

SUNYO Plastics manufactures semi rigid HIPS and BOPS film /sheet, which has gained great reputations from our clients in blistering and printing industries.

BOPS (biaxially oriented polystyrene) film /sheet is a new type of packaging material. SUNYO BOPS has high strength and rigidity, good transparency, and temperature adaptability. It is easy to process, print, heat seal and so on. It is non-toxic, tasteless, clean and hygienic, which meets with food hygiene standards. It is one of the internationally recognized green packaging materials. Generally, BOPS packages are manufactured with positive and negative pressure thermoforming machin.

SUNYO also produce high quality HIPS sheets and rolls, which has great performance and low price. It is widely used in industrial products for many purposes.The most specific use of HIPS film sheet is for disposable packaging, especially for food packaging. Food grade PS film rolls are often produced as food containers, and lampshades. And flocking PS film rolls are used as material for producing high value-added blister packaging for bottle caps, safety razors and pen holders. In recent years, newly developed HIPS anti-static sheet and conductive sheet are applied in electronic fields.

The heat distortion temperature of PS film /sheet is 70 degrees.The tensile strength of PS film /sheet reaches 25MPa in the longitudinal direction and 30MPa in the transverse direction. The limit deviation of the thickness reaches -2.9% to 0%. The transmittance of transparent PS film is greater than 90%. PS sheet and film made by Sunyo can be done Special Treatment, like Metalized PS film roll, Anti-UV PS film Sheet, Permanently anti-static PS film roll, flocked PS film roll , conductive PS film roll, double-sided Matte PS film sheet.

FormSheet / Roll
Melting point165 degrees
COLORTransaparent , Opaque and Customized
Distortion temperature70 degrees
PS color sheet film
PS color sheet film

Features of SUNYO PS plastic films and sheet

  • Specialized in PS over 20 years
  • With Capacity over 50 tons/ day
  • ISO9001:2008, ROHS, REACH
  • Blistering PS film width reaches 915mm
  • Slitting PS film width reaches 1200mm
  • Over 10 automatic machinery

What is PS film / sheet?

PS, short for polystyrene, is a common type of engineering plastics, often used in daily life. Polystyrene (PS) film /sheet types, includes ordinary polystyrene (PS), expanded polystyrene (EPS) film /sheet, high impact polystyrene (HIPS), biaxially oriented polystyrene (BOPS)film /sheet, and syndiotactic polystyrene (SPS) film /sheet. 

What plastic material is easier to blister molding and has the highest light transmittance? It would be would be PS film /sheet. PS Sheet/film is a well-loved, popular and widely used synthetic material today. Its global usage amount ranks the second highest, among all synthetic materials.

This makes PS ideal for numerous commercial and industrial applications. For billboards, automotive interiors, construction, food and pharmaceutical packaging, especially in the blister packaging industry, manufacturers are prone to choose PS sheets.

In 1839 Germany, scientists first extracted polystyrene from natural resin. In 1930, BASF started commercial production of polystyrene in Germany. Until now PS plastic material plays an important role.

SUNYO mainly focuses on production of HIPS and BOPS film /sheet. These two kinds of PS film and sheets are most popular products for a variety of packaging, printing applications.

The characteristics of PS film/ sheet

PS film /sheet resin is non-toxic, odorless, colorless transparent and rigid. It is a kind of glass-like brittle material. PS sheet have extremely high transparency, light transmittance, which can reach more than 90%. It has good electrical insulation and good edge performance. It is easy to color, good oil resistant and rigid. It has good processing fluidity and chemical corrosion resistance.

Polystyrene natural resin is colorless and transparent. It can be freely colored. Its relative density is 1.06g/cm^3. It has good thermal stability and fluidity. Therefore, it is easy to be proceeded by vacuum forming and other machining methods. PS sheet film or sheet is very easy to form, and suitable for mass production. The molding shrinkage rate of PS sheet roll is very small. The dimensional stability of the molded product is also excellent.

With extra additives, SUNYON can produce PS sheets, with different functions, such as conductive sheets and PS anti-static sheets.

How to distinguish PS from other plastics?

There are four main methods to determine.

1. Burning: there will be black smoke if burning PS.

2. Tear by hand: PS film and sheet is easy to tear apart.

3. Flip by finger: if flip lightly with finger, there is a very crisp sound.

What is the process of manufacturing PS film/sheet?

General process of PS film /sheet production is through drying, extrusion and casting.

First mix the raw material PS resin, rubber and other additives together in the tank. Make a full stirring then extrusion, press into the mould, goes through the roller, tape casting, cooling setting. The last step is coiling and packing. If you purchase PS from SUNYO Plastics, we can offer both PS sheets and rolls.

What applications of PS film/sheet?

The application of PS film and sheet is mainly divided into two sections: printing and thermoforming fields. PS film for blister packaging accounts for two-third of the total market needs. Common colors include nature color, white color, and black color. Customized colored PS film is also available.

1. PrintablePS FILM/SHEET FOR PRINTING (high strength, light weighted)

PS FILM/SHEET ROLL for Blister vacuum forming

Printable PS sheets is flexible and foldable. It has very good adhesion to printing paints, both suitable for UV printing and screen printing and other printing techniques. Thin film, with thickness from 0.3 to 0.8mm can be used for UV and offset printing. Thicker film can used for screen printing. SUNYO offer varied color PS films, with high gloss, smooth or matte surface. We also produce corona-treated HIPS sheets and film, which can be used for advertising printing. 

2.PS FILM/SHEET ROLL for Blister vacuum forming (Rigid, Thermoformable )

PS FILM/SHEET ROLL for Blister vacuum forming
PS FILM/SHEET ROLL for Blister vacuum forming

Food grade HIPS sheet are usually used to produce yogurt cups, food packaging trays and medicines plastic packaging trays. Anti-static and conductive HIPS sheets made into packaging or turnover trays for electronic products. Embossed PS sheet can be made into tool packaging trays or shell for electrical appliances and equipment. Flocked HIPS sheet is vacuum formed as box for gifts, foreign wine liners, high-end pens box, packaging trays for jewelry and eye liners, etc.