Leading Manufacturer of Plastic PP Film in Roll or Sheet

What PP film and sheet can SUNYO offer?

SUNYO Plastics produce plastic PP rolls and sheets, with excellent physical and chemical properties. They can be fabricated in to food-grade PP cup and takeaway containers. Besides, they can also be built into various types of useful items, such as trays, cards, stationary, folding boxes, printed advertisement products. SUNYO PP manufacturer  different grade and types of PP films or sheets, which can serve different functions. They are your excellent choices, with our professional solutions.   

With different functions:

For different applications, SUNYO Plastics have developed PP sheets with different features, such as anti-static, conductive, insulating, high temperature resistant, fireproof, anti-fog, frosted, matte PP sheets and so on. We can custom functions of PP sheets or rolls material based on clients’ different demands.

Of different sizes:

The thickness range of PP sheets/films: 200mic to 3000mic.

 The width range of PP sheets/films: 100mm to 1500mm.

PP film/sheet with thickness less than 1000 microns, is mostly used for blistering, printing, and boxes folding. The thickness of PP sheet film between 800 to 3000 micron is mostly used in jelly boxes, dairy packaging boxes, fast food boxes, cold drink containers, and the construction industry. 

PP sheet film of thickness from 200 to 10000 micron is mostly used in construction industry.

Application of transparent PP sheets in food and pharmaceutical packaging is quite common. Color can be semi-transparent, opaque or customized as required.

FormSheet / Roll
COLORSemi-transaparet, Opaque
PP plastic sheet film rolls
PP plastic sheet film rolls

Features of SUNYO PP plastic films and sheet

  • non-toxic
  • Good electrical insulation
  • High temperature resistant
  • Low temperature resistant
  • Strong flexibility
  • Good impact strength

What is PP film / sheet?

PP, polypropylene, is one of the vastly used thermoplastic material types, used in modern society. PP film and sheet (polypropylene sheet) features strong flexibility, excellent mechanical strength and great resistance to heat temperature. It is a good material, suitable for using in Micro-wave oven. 

It is a green packaging materials, which can meet the requirement of environmental protection. PP sheets or film rolls can be made with thermoforming, bonding, folding technologies. They can make numerous types of packages for jelly boxes, dairy packaging boxes, fast food boxes, cold drink containers, trays, microwave oven utensils, etc. They can be used for the packaging of solid preparations such as pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. In some places, especially in developed countries and regions, application of transparent PP sheets in food packaging and other fields is quite common.

transparent PP sheet film rolls
transparent PP sheet film rolls

The characteristics of the PP film/ sheet

PP sheets or rolls can be made into various products through secondary processing such as thermoforming. They are mainly used for packaging of food, medicine, medical equipment, etc.

PP sheet or film has good electrical insulation, great barrier properties and low density. It is non-toxic and hygienic. It can also can be recycled. It does not generate toxic and harmful gases when heated or burned. It does not do harm to human health, or corrode to equipment.  

What is the process of manufacturing PP film/sheet?

PP film/ sheet is manufactured through extrusion casting. Pour PP resin into the drying tank and fully dry for at least for 2 hours, and then pump the fully dried material extruder. Keep the extruder at temperature of about 230 degrees, to ensure PP material is completely plasticized. Fully plasticized PP is extruded through the mold, and then flows into the roller. Temperature of the mold is kept at about 190 degrees. After cooling and shaping on roller, PP roll or sheet are manufactured.

The advantages of PP film and sheet

1) Good resistance to high temperature and low temperature

PP sheet can withstand temperature as high as 130 degrees, as low as minus 40 degrees without deformation. PP film and sheet is currently the best thermoforming material, on the market, which can be both used for micro-wave oven and freezer.

2) Excellent mechanical strength

PP film or sheet (polypropylene sheet) provides high dimensional stability and excellent mechanical strength. It can be used for laser cutting and die cutting. The edges are neat. There will be no burrs and serrations. The PP sheets can be cut into any shape, according to designers’ idea.

3) Low density and flexibility

PP density is 0.92-0.95g/cm^3, lower than other types of engineering plastics. Adding appropriate amount of plasticizer can change the rigidness of the PP material. Through this way, we can get semi-rigid PP sheet, hard PP board, soft PP sheet and PP film.

4) Surface treatment options

Normal surface of PP sheets are gloss. The surface of flexible PP sheets can be made with various patterns, such as frosted surface, diagonal stripes surface, orange peel surface. With different surface patterns, PP sheet material is widely used for printing, folding and stationary. Those products made with beautiful surface PP sheet are very satisfying.

5) Easy to color

PP has a very strong adsorption force for color. Mixing 5-10% color masterbatch with raw materials can produce colorful PP film and sheet. The color is bright and will not be easy to fade.

What is the applications of PP film/sheet

PP is a eco-friendly plastic material, and some are food-grade. There are a variety of industries and fields, in which PP material plays a great roles.

1. PP FILM/SHEET FOR FOLDING BOX(transparent, water-proof, foldable, printable)

PP film sheet for folding box
PP film sheet for folding box

PP sheets are easy to fold into different shapes of boxes, as well as quite suitable for die cutting. Printing on folded boxes are also quite easy. PP material has good scratch-proofing ability. Matte surface PP material has a great touching feeling. Transparent PP boxes enable buyers can easy get to know what is packed inside. This features attracts many design choose PP material to manufacture their packaging products. 


PP film sheet for printing
PP film sheet for printing

PP material’s easy die-cutting, good adhesion to painting material, make is a good choice for printing industry. Printed PP sheets are used as notebook cover, tags, name cards, and so on. UV printing and screen printing can be applied on PP sheets and films. If you use UV printing tech, we would suggest PP sheet with thickness of 0.25-0.8mm. While, screen printing can choose those with thickness between 0.25-2.0mm. SUNYO printable PP sheets meet international standards, no water lines, sports, of great smoothness.

3.PP FILM/SHEET FOR THERMOFORMING (excellent formability)


PP sheet is non-toxic, odorless, hygienic and has high mechanical strength and good barrier properties. They are often used for vacuum forming blister packaging for food, fruit and other industries. PP blister packages, such as disposable lunch boxes, fruit and vegetable trays, moon cake trays, food trays, are quite common in daily life. Thermoformed PP food container can be suitable for packaging in low temperature. They are used for frozen foods, such as ice cream, dumpling and etc.

4. PP FILM/SHEET for Stationery products

pp film sheet for stationery products
pp film sheet for stationery products

PP films and sheets are very flexible, easy to bending and folding. They have customized colors. Many plastic folders are built with PP material. SUNYO Plastics produce regular size of PP sheet, ranging from 600*1000mm, 0.3-0.8mm in thickness. They are easy to cut, and leave no cracked edges. We can offer high-gloss, super matte surface PP sheets. 

5. PP thick sheet for constructive industry

PP thick sheet for constructive industry
PP thick sheet for constructive industry

PP material has good strength and tensile property. It is very strong, and not easy to break. What’s more, pp sheets is much more lighter than other building material. The thickness of PP building sheet, range from 1000 micron(1mm) to 10000 micron(10mm). Standard size is 1220*2440mm. White and black are normal colors.