Matt PET film and sheet

Matt plastic PET sheet and film has two types: super matte PET sheet, and common matte PET sheet.

Common matte PET sheet is produced by matte pattern roller. It is fine sanded and rough sanded plastic sheet. Sunyo has single-sided and double-sided matt PET sheet. Matt PET sheets are used in folding box and printing, such as business card, folder, window pieces, tags, etc.

Super matte effect PET sheet film is divided into two types: skin-feeling ultra-dumb and ordinary ultra-dumb PET sheet.

Skin-touch super matte PET sheet is treated with a special coating on its surface. It looks completely dull and feels as smooth as baby skin. The skin-touch PET sheet film roll is used to laminate on the MDF for furniture panel.

Ordinary super matte PET sheet is added with masterbatch in the processing production. Super matte PET film sheet is used for blister plastic packaging.

The maximum width is 1500mm. There are various colors options and matte grade.

ColorClear/ Opaque/ Customized
Matt surfaceFine sanded and rough sanded
CertificationISO9001, REACH, ROHS, FDA, EN71
Tensile strength61MPa (longitudinal direction)
 61.7MPa(transverse direction)
Thickness tolerance-2.9% to 0%
white Anti scratch PET Sheet
white Anti scratch PET Sheet